Who we are

Gephas, a privately owned pharmaceutical and investment company, focuses on the national distribution and export of well-known and generic products with low competition, hospital solutions, medicines for the pharmacy market and medical devices.

Located in Stephanskirchen (Germany), near Munich, the company was founded on May, 5th 2003 by its current General Manager, Mr. Robert Hartl. Initially, Gephas’ main activities concentrated on pharmaceutical investments and the supply of medical devices in Germany and Austria. Simultaneously, the company has provided specialized market research to the healthcare sector. In consequence, we have been able to develop additional market expertise and an excellent network throughout the pharmaceutical industry. Today, Gephas has enlarged its product portfolio and has elevated its regional activities to an international level gradually thanks to this factor.

The German investor and sales company lives from its global alliances to pharmaceutical companies, manufacturers, local and multi-national distributors, governmental organizations, aid organizations, NGO’s and local Ministries of Health. As a result, we function as an independent export and business development unit for selected manufacturers. Moreover, Gephas has helped foreign companies to enter the German market, including production transfer, for over a decade.

scientist in chemical lab

Gephas cooperates on a primarily exclusive basis with small and medium-sized enterprises, contract-manufacturers and producers from the EU on the supply of the pharmaceuticals and medical devices offered. Further, we are involved in a variety of activities supporting international registration processes, market entries and selected product launches in Europe, Africa, Asia and South America. We register products in our own name and act as Marketing Authorization Holder.

In conclusion, our team expertise in combination with our continuous expansion strategy guarantees a strong basis for our future growth. Please do not hesitate to contact us directly to obtain more information about our company, our export activities and our products.